The Future of Responsible Investing

You may have heard about responsible investing, but what is it? Responsible investing

takes into account the impact investments have on the planet and those who live on

it. This means that responsible investments don’t invest in things like gambling,

tobacco, environmental damage, weaponry, slave or child labour. Responsible

investment seeks out companies who meet the ‘usual’ investment requirements but

also do not involve themselves in activities that you might like to avoid.

Did you know that if you haven’t gone out of your way to avoid this in your

investments or superannuation, chances are your money will be invested in companies

that are involved in these activities?


Responsible investing is a fast-growing area of

finance in Australia and around the world. In our education session we are going to

look at responsible investing, hear from a fund manager who runs a responsible

investment fund, and then, I will take you through some ways you can apply this

strategy to your situation.

We hope you can join us to learn about what responsible investing can mean to you.

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