the team

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Director and financial advisor
For over 15 years Ben Graham-Nellor has been helping clients achieve financial success. Taking the knowledge and skills learned through growing a business and helping hundreds of people achieve their goals, Ben brings energy and encouragement through advising, speaking, coaching and blogging.
Andrew Graham
Andrew has worked in financial services for more than 5 years.  He loves working alongside Smart Happy Money clients to help them reach their goals. 
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Neeliya Cooper Mortgage Broker
Neeliya has worked in the finance industry since 1991 and is across all areas of finance including residential, commercial, SMSF, equipment finance and business lending. She joins the Smart Happy Money team to take care of our clients mortgage and finance needs.

Strategy and Communications
Steph brings her expertise in strategy and communications to the Smart Happy Money team.  Day to day she manages client and public communications as well as implementation of Smart Happy Money's strategic planning.
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Financial Advisor
Clifford has worked in financial services since 2013. He joins Smart Happy Money with a passion to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams.