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Apply for an age pension

When applying for an age pension with Centrelink you can expect...

-Hundreds of questions

-Pages and pages of forms

-Mulitple trips to Centrelink Offices

-Long wait times in office and on the phone

There is a better way. 

-Telephone interview with our staff

-We complete your application form 

-We assist you to lodge your form with Centrelink

-We follow up any outstanding documents on your behalf

Ongoing management of your pension

You want to enjoy your retirement, right?

To stay eligible for your pension you need to keep Centrelink up to date with your assets and income.  

-You need to provide documentation to show your financial position

-You need to update Centrelink of any changes to your circumstances

-You will undertake periodic 'income reviews' requiring your time and effort. 

There is a better way

-As your Centrelink nominee we are able to update Centrelink of your changing circumstances

-If you are required to undergo an income review, we will be notified and can assist you in meeting your obligations.

-You deal with us, we deal with Centrelink. 

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