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Our Team

Ben Graham-Nellor

Director and Financial Advisor

For over two decades, Ben Graham-Nellor has dedicated himself to empowering clients on their path to achieve financial success. Taking the knowledge and skills gained through growing a business along with helping hundreds of people achieve their goals, Ben brings energy and motivation through advising, speaking, coaching and educating. 

Andrew Graham

Financial Advisor

Andrew's expertise and genuine enthusiasm make him an invaluable asset to those seeking to enhance their financial well-being. His love for his work is evident in the tailored, thoughtful advice he provides, making a tangible difference in the lives of the clients he guides and supports.


Michael​ Sigaras

Financial Advisor

Michael is a highly experienced financial adviser dedicated to orchestrating financial success for his clients at every pivotal moment, from young professionals navigating their initial investments to retirees securing their well-deserved retirement.  With his wealth of knowledge and genuine care, Michael's commitment embodies a desire to foster enduring relationships, offering personalised strategies which adapt to individuals' evolving circumstances.  Michael aims to give his clients peace of mind, save them time, and make their lives easier, through both the good times and the challenging ones. 

Frank Tsirigotis

Financial Advisor

When Frank launched his own business in 1992, his philosophy was that in order to achieve personal success; then his clients must receive it first, and this philosophy of his remains as strong as ever. His success comes from taking time to understand what his clients need and then providing excellent financial advice to help them achieve it. He wants all of his clients to gain financial security and peace of mind.


Neeliya Cooper

Mortgage Broker

With an extensive career spanning over three decades in the finance industry, Neeliya possesses a comprehensive understanding of all facets of finance. Since 1991, she has amassed expertise across diverse areas, including residential and commercial finance, SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund), equipment finance, and business lending.  

Steph Graham-Nellor

Practice Manager

Steph brings her expertise in strategy implementation and communication to the Smart Happy Money team. With her impressive skill set and passion for financial education, Steph ensures effective communication with clients and the public while aligning the practice’s goals with its strategic vision.  

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